The City of Westbrook has a contract with Schaap Sanitation in Worthington, MN. Please call Schapp, (800) 293-5642,  with any questions that you may have.

Schaap Sanitation provides a weekly residential garbage pickup service on Thursdays and commercial service on Wednesdays. Please have your cart or bags to the curb by 6:00 a.m. to ensure that your trash is not missed.

Schaap Sanitation will bill all customers in advance quarterly. All accounts are due by the 20th or late charges will be applied. You can avoid service interruptions by keeping your account current.

Schapp does have a website,, where you can set your account up to be paid automatically from either a bank account or with a Visa or Mastercard.


Rates for Service

  • Bag Service for Weekly Pickup (Orange Bags must be purchased at City Hall)
  • Cart Service at the following rates for weekly pickup
    • 35-gallon $32.97 /qrtly
    • 65-gallon $51.26 /qrtly
    • 95-gallon $62.25 /qrtly
  • Cost of Dumpsters for weekly pickup
    • 2 cubic yd dumpster $18.22 one time delivery,$20.00 with tax;$56.98 per dump,$62.54 with tax
    • 4 cubic yd dumpster $18.22 one time delivery,$20.00 with tax;$96.87 per dump,$106.31 with tax
  • Cost of Roll-Off for weekly pickup - Call Schaap Sanitation for pricing


Cottonwood County Recycling Shed, located on Main Street, will be open seven days a week. There is also a recycling shed located on Davis Avenue, by the County Shop, for recycle drop off at any time.

Hometown Sanitation provides the recycling pickup for all residents of Cottonwood County. Please use your Hometown cart as a single sort and set out on your curb for pickup according to the calendar.

Recycle fees are assessed on your property tax statement.

Hometown Information
Recycle Calendar
Poster - Items to Recycle

City Branch and Compost Site

The City of Westbrook has a branch and compost disposal site that is located 1/2 mile west of city limits.

This site is available for use by residents of the City of Westbrook. There is a designated area for branches only, this does not include lumber, fencing or any household waste. There is also a designated area for all yard/garden waste and leaves.

Compost is available for residents of the City of Westbrook for personal use. Please abide by the rules of our site. This site requires the city to maintain per DNR restrictions.

The site is open daily from 10 am - 8 pm