All city fines and fees are listed in the below document:

Fees, Rates and Fines

Buiding Permits

All residents in the City of Westbrook need to apply for a building permit if you will be changing the footprint of your existing property. This includes non-permanent structures such as portable sheds, carports, paver patios, etc. You are required to follow the setback rules that the city has implemented.

Please contact the city clerk before you plan your next project. The city council only meets once a month and reviews building permits at council meetings. It is best to plan ahead and get the correct paperwork and measurements.

Any digging requires a Gopher State One Call! 

Building Permit

Selling or Soliciting

Anyone entering into the City of Westbrook that is selling or soliciting product must complete the Peddler application.


Peddler: A person who offers merchandise or services for sale door-to-door, including house-to-house, business-to-business, street-to-street, or any of place-to-place movement. Delivery and payment occur immediately.

Solicitor: A person who obtains orders for merchandise or services for future delivery. Registration required.

Transient Merchant: A person who temporarily sets up business out of a vehicle, trailer, boxcar, tent, other portable shelter, or empty store front for the purpose of selling goods. Individuals may not remain on location for more than 14 consecutive days. Delivery and payment occur immediately.

Non-Commercial Advocate: A person who disseminates religious, political, social or other ideological beliefs. No registration or license is required.

Golf Carts/ATV/UTV

Any resident that would like to drive golf carts on city streets as a mode of transportation or drive an ATV for seasonal work MUST complete Golf Cart and ATV permit application.

UTV permits are now available.  Please complete the UTV permit for any licensed for road use vehicle.  See requirements on the application.

Golf Cart, ATV, UTV Permit Application


Dog & Cat Licnese

Dogs and cats must be licensed. Please provide proof of current rabies vaccines to City Hall at time of licensing.