Ambulance Service

Contact Information

City Hall
556 First Avenue
PO Box 367
Westbrook, MN 56183

(507) 274-5110

The Westbrook Ambulance Service is a dedicated team of EMT's and First Responders.

Our team proudly serves the cities of Westbrook, Dovray, Storden and Jeffers and the townships of Amo, Storden, Dovray, Amboy, Dale, Murray, Des Moines, Westbrook, Ann, Rosehill and Southbrook.

  • Director: Dan Joel
  • President: Brady Krueger
  • Vice President: Tony Staples
  • Secretary: Dawn Joel
  • Ambulance Manager: Bret Lindaman
  • Finance/Training: Dawn Joel
  • Medical Director: Dr. Andrew Kopperud

Westbrook Ambulance Service

Bret Lindaman - EMT
Brady Krueger - EMT
Tony Staples - EMT
Dan Joel - EMT
Buddy Bauman - EMT
Curt Madson - First Responder
Wyatt Christians - First Responder
Reed Bakken - First Responder
Jennifer Esping - First Responder
Dawn Joel - First Responder
Darren Peters - First Responder
Adam Fuchs - First Responder
Camryn Bunting - First Responder
Tammara Foulk - First Responder