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Driveway and Curb Cut Policy

The City of Westbrook provides a system of streets and alley for the benefit of the citizens of Westbrook and other vehicles using the transportation system. The Street Department is responsible for overseeing the construction and maintenance of street improvements, including repair and snow removal. Curb cuts for driveways provide necessary access for property owners and also affect the City’s maintenance of the street system. This policy will enable property owners to construct curb cuts that allow them full use of their property while insuring that curb cuts do not interfere with the maintenance of the street system.

Driveway Specifications

1. All plans for curb cuts and driveways shall be reviewed by the Street Superintendent.

2. These specifications apply to the ‘driveway approach’ which is the area between the gutter and the property line. (This area is included in the street right-of-way.)

3. There shall be a minimum of three inches of compacted Class 5 Gravel (or similar grade material approved by the Street Superintendent) under the curb and gutter and driveway panels.

4. There shall be an expansion joint the full width of the curb cut where the gutter and driveway meet.

5. There shall be contraction joints in the gutter and the driveway panels at a maximum of twelve-foot (12’) intervals.

6. There shall be a contraction joint at the property line, which runs the full width of the driveway panels.

7. The driveway panels shall flare out a total of three feet (3’) from the property line to the curb on each side of the driveway.

8. The curb and gutter section must be poured separate from the driveway. An expansion joint material shall be placed between the gutter and the driveway.

9. Property owners are not allowed to raise the grade of their driveways from the street by installing pipe in the gutter. The elevation of the driveway entrance is to match the street elevation.

10. See attached diagram for additional information concerning slope, taper, etc.

11. Gravel driveway approaches: If there is existing curb and gutter, the material for the curb and gutter in the new driveway approach shall conform to the existing curb and gutter. The driveway approach may not interfere with any storm sewer intakes or outlets.

12. The concrete mix to be used shall meet or exceed a 4,000 lb. mix, Type 3 with an entrained air content of 6.5% plus or minus 1.5%.

13. The concrete curb gutter pan shall have a minimum thickness of seven (7) inches.

14. The concrete walk within the limits of the driveway approach shall have a minimum thickness of six (6) inches at residential properties and eight (8) inches at non-residential properties. A minimum four (4) inch thickness of compacted gravel (or similar grade material approved by the street superintendent) shall be placed under the concrete walk.


All expenses for curb cuts, driveway installation and maintenance are the responsibility of the property owner. Street repairs will be made by the city at the home owner’s expense.