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Welcome to Westbrook
Westbrook Public Utilities

556 1st Avenue, Westbrook, MN  56183
(507) 274-6712 - Phone

Westbrook Public Utilities
   Current Utility Rates

Residential Rates:

Customer                  $11.50     per month
Energy Charge             0.099    per 0-1000 KWH
                                     0.106    per 1000+KWH May - Sept
                                     0.097    per 1000+KWH Oct - April

Water Rates:

Customer                  $15.00     per month
All Gallons                    0.0056  

Sewer Rates:

Residential               $11.00       per month
All Gallons                    4.00       per 1000 - Residential
                                     4.50       per 1000 - Commercial

Cable TV:

Basic                        $45.00       per month

Natural Gas:

Customer                 $  6.00       per month
Per Cubic (Based on monthly index or contract price)

Meter Deposit:

Water                     $100.00      
Electric                   $100.00      
Natural Gas           $100.00       

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